The MATEinOz team talks from experience as everyone, from the founder Daniel Nzima to our volunteers, were or are international students. This is important to us because we know the challenges, struggles and excitement of adapting to a new culture and country from the inside out.

Our mission is our take on the African proverb “it takes a village to raise a child” which for us means to provide unique and personalised integration and support built on a foundation of networking, dedication and peace of mind for all international students.

Our services start with an in-depth and individual discussion about your cultural beliefs, expectations and outcome required from your studies in Australia. A customised advisory will follow in a secure environment (remember the peace of mind), that can include mentorship programs to assist with employment, professional networking events and workshops and practical cultural guidance.

Our vision is to optimise the international student experience through integration with the support of strategic partners, all of which you need when arriving in Perth for the first time.


MateinOz have specialist strategic partners in:



medical insurance;


property (student accommodation and homestay);

migration law;