Our MateinOz story is shared by many international students arriving in Perth Australia to undertake their tertiary studies.. Our mission today in keeping with the African Proverb “it takes a village to raise a child” is:

To provide an unparalleled, unique, and personalised intergration and support service built on a foundation of Hard work, dedication, networking and peace of mind.

Post arrival many students face challenges which could potentially derail their ability to integrate, enjoy and successfully complete their studies here in Perth.

From experience we know the first 3 months are usually the most difficult as students attempt to find their way around the city of Perth, build relationships, find employment all while attempting to focus on their primary reason for coming to Australia which is “Education”.

Our Service is designed to ensure each students individual needs are met through by firstly having an in-depth discussion about the students cultural beliefs, expectations and outcome required from their stay in Australia. Customised advisory services (practical and specialist) will be devised to suit, including mentorship programs and gateways to employment, whilst providing a sound environment (security and peace of mind), all of which we needed when arriving in Perth for the first time.


Our Vision – To optimise the international student experience in Australia.

Our mission – To provide quality support and integration services through strategic partnerships, professional networking and social events.

MateinOz have specialist strategic partners in:

  • banking;
  • medical insurance;
  • telecommunications;
  • Property (rental assistance);
  • migration law;
  • travel,
  • taxation; and
  • Superannuation.