MATEinOz represents International Students of all nationalities that are studying in Perth, Western Australia. We provide information and necessary advice for the successful integration in the city’s society and the completion of your studies.

Cultural Awareness & Student Information

Australia welcomes people from abroad all year-round to enjoy the natural beauty and relaxed lifestyle of the country, but it can be challenging to adapt and to find options to continue your studies after the initial period of stay. That is why MATEinOz works together with its partners to introduce you to the Aussie way of life and to give you the most up to date information about student visa.

The MiOz Club

The MiOZ Club is a professional and social ongoing networking program designed to assist international students with a smooth transition into Australian work and social culture. You can check and confirm participation in our events via the MATEinOZ Facebook page.

Inter – Institutional SPORTS

Sports are a great tool to integrate, stimulate and push our limits. We are innovating and creating a great vibe for all international students in Perth. From badminton to cricket, via football and golf, keep your eyes peeled for your favourite sport and sign up for your school team.

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Why Us

We understand the students



Our focus is the plight of the student for the duration of their stay in Australia. We are the international student’s shoulder to cry on and the rock they need to get through difficult periods and recognise them for their achievements.

Cultural Sensitivity

Post Arrival Welcome


Our MATEinOz story is shared by many international students arriving in Perth Australia to undertake their tertiary studies.. Our mission today in keeping with the African Proverb “it takes a village to raise a child” is:

‘To provide an unparalleled, unique and personalised integration and support service built on a foundation of hard work, dedication, networking, and peace of mind.
Post arrival many students face challenges which could potentially derail their ability to integrate, enjoy and successfully complete their studies here in Perth.

From experience we know the first 3 months are usually the most difficult as students attempt to find their way around the city of Perth, build relationships, find employment all while attempting to focus on their primary reason for coming to Australia which is “Education”



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What a fantastic experience, Thank you Mate In Oz
Shawn Duric
MATE in Oz made everything so simple and their staff, Daniel, Kelly, Kristie and Joseph were fabulous
Sandra Ward

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